In 2017, the most viewed house on all of the internet has been 709 Michaelmas Ave in Cayce, SC. The unusual listing description, along with photos of an unkempt home, provided fodder for the public's imaginations to run wild with speculations of the mystery of who/what is in the upstairs apartment. 


A couple savvy reporters put the pieces of the puzzle together and convinced me to confirm....

that the mysterious tenant upstairs is world-renowned artist, Randall McKissick.  

Credit to the State Newspaper of sc

Credit to the State Newspaper of sc

After falling on hard times, Randall's long time friend, Michael Schumpert has allowed him to live in the apartment rent free for a decade.


In the last two years, Mr. Schumpert has suffered several minor strokes, the most recent of which caused him to wreck his car, and break his back.

After back surgery, he had much difficulty walking and During rehab, he fell and broke his shoulder.

Currently, Mr. Schumpert needs 24 hour care and attention, which he cannot afford. He is now in financial duress and listed the home for sale, potentially displacing his friend. 

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